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Produced and Engineered by George Seymour

Mixed and Mastered by Kenny McCloud

Cover Art by Bernie Granados 


All songs George Seymour

Copyright - George Seymour / Vendetta Lamour (680044600321)


L Vox                Wez

Gtr                    Wez, Billy Darnell, Bernie Godwin, Dito Godwin, Kenny McCloud

Bass                  Colin Cameron,  Lynn Davis, Jim Lanham

Drums               Michael Keeley, David Raven, Jeff Porcaro. 

Conga               Ricky Pierce       

Tambo              Wez

BG Vox           Barney Cortinez, Kathleen Siskron, Lucy Levinsohn, Jim Lanham,  James Rolleston, Wez

Keys                 Jeff Naideau, Wez, Betty Ross

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